Formula Friday – Do You Want A FAST and FUN Way To Learn Excel Formulas?

Excel formulas can be daunting, I know that – even if you have been been using excel for years, the formula part can be scary.

The many text books on offer or courses really do get complicated and take up too much time. At How To Excel at Excel I’m about working Smarter and Faster as you know.

but……I just LOVE formulas I really do, after all they do all the hard work for you! They can fetch and match data for you based on search criteria, they will calculate values for you based in cells contents, and the great thing is, when you update your data, the results of your formula will change automatically and update based on your new data.

So, once you have a fab formula, it can be used over and over again, how nify is that working smarter rather than harder or what!?!


If you want to learn the top 75 most frequently used formulas in a fun and fast fashion then this is the E- Book Solution for you. Each formula is explained as well as it’s syntax.


Then you get two examples to really understand the workings of the formulas.

You won’ be disappointed.

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